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7 Millennial Rising Stars Share Their Best Career Advice

Courtesy: Inc.com

7 Millennial Rising Stars Share Their Best Career Advice

There’s no shortage of career advice out there for Generation Y. But what wisdom do fellow Millennials have for us? Here are some young entrepreneurs who’ve previously made the Inc.com “30 Under 30” list, offering their best tips about getting into the ring.


Debbie Sterling

1. Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox

“My biggest fear before I started GoldieBlox was ‘what if I put everything into this and still fail at the one thing I’m truly passionate about?’ Then I realized, I can’t fail if I spend every day following my true passion and contributing my all to a cause greater than myself.”

IMAGE: Courtesy Company

Kathryn Minshew

2. Kathryn Minshew, The Muse

“When starting out in your career, it’s easy to think that many learned skills are actually innate. From being diplomatic, to managing well, all of these are skill sets that you can (and should) learn, just as much as Excel is something that you can learn.”

IMAGE: Twitter

Jordan Kretchmer

3. Jordan Kretchmer, Livefyre

“Your vision might be the end game, but you’ve got to dodge a hundred bullets to get there. In the beginning, it’s impossible NOT to sweat the small roadblocks you hit, just be sure to celebrate ALL of the small wins, too.”

IMAGE: Twitter

Shama Hyder

4. Shama Hyder, Marketing Zen

“Learn to be an editor! Progress not perfection should be your goal. Be willing to hold everything with a certain amount of flexibility. The more you are able to genuinely listen to feedback and evolve your ideas, the better your chances for success.”

IMAGE: Twitter

Kegan Schouwenburg

5. Kegan Schouwenberg, SOLS

“Network! Create a dream list of targets and aim high! Never be afraid to email someone who is ‘too big.’ Attend as many events as possible and do your research beforehand.”

IMAGE: softwareandart.com

Adam Lyons

6. Adam Lyons, The Zebra

“Be focused, clear and determined on your goals and ambitions, but be flexible on how you get there. You don’t know anything starting out and you’re going to make a ton of mistakes.”

IMAGE: thezebra.com

Kirsten Blowers

7. Kirsten Blowers, Riffraff

“There were many times in the beginning when I could have thrown in the towel and walked away from this idea I was curating but I didn’t, because I love the challenges. Put in the long hours–your future self will be more interesting and very thankful.”

IMAGE: shopriffraffblog.com




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